lördag 20 juni 2015

Welcome to Elves n' stuff!

Hello there and welcome to Elves n' stuff.
This will be my blog where I talk about the two Elven factions (Retribution of Scyrah and Legion of Everblight) in Privateer Press' Warmachine & Hordes game.
I've been playing miniature games for about 14 years. I started out with Dark elves in Warhammer Fantasy 6th edition and played various factions in that game, but throughout my run in Warhammer the three Elf factions were always my favourites. Four years ago I tried out Warmachine and I never looked back after that. I picked Retribution of Scyrah as my starting faction because I found their models to be the coolest, and because no-one else had picked them up locally.
I've since dabbled in Skorne and Legion as well, and earlier this year I decided to focus on Legion for the time being, since I consider them to be one of the most competitive factions in the current meta.
This blog will contain battle reports, my thoughts on models and lists, and hopefully some of my paintjobs from time to time.

Anyway, welcome to Elves n' stuff and I hope you will enjoy your stay!

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    1. Hey Fathoym!
      I looked over your blog and it really is scary how similar our Warmachine careers look! I also started out with Ret, switched over to Skorne after a while to play something completely different, hate painting Skorne due to all the armour, swapped back to Ret for tournament gaming for a while and now ended up with Legion.
      We even have the same feelings about tournaments here in Sweden as you do, big 2-day events with 5-7 games over a weekend is the norm here too. :D

      I look forward to hearing how you do at Lock and Load, even though that is pretty far in the future still.

  2. Woops I accidentally removed my original post trying to reply :/ Sorry, I don't read Swedish haha. Planning a trip to LnL form New Zealand is a pretty big undertaking so it's worth getting the planning underway sooner rather than later. Cheers for taking a look, it's more for my own reference and a way to review my games months in the future, but I thought I may as well share that around in case someone finds it helpful

  3. Oh, and since I deleted the original post, shamelessly re-plugging my blog roadtlnl.blogspot.co.nz